There’s Hope for Sheep!

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I first noticed articles by Liz Ryan on LinkedIn, and I loved how informative and entertaining they were.  Liz writes articles about making a workplace more comfortable and also describes a different approach to the job search instead of the “sheepie job-seeker” traditional method.

Being treated like something that jumps at every beck and whim of a boss feels… well, it can feel like you are living inside of a box with walls that slowly shrink toward you, trapping you so that your life feels more like a routine than a blessing!
We don’t want the workplace to feel like a factory for drones or robots (unless robots really belong there.)

Liz writes for many platforms besides LinkedIn, including Business Week and She also founded Human Workplace, a publishing and consulting business.

I’ve been involved with hiring employees in the past, so I’m familiar with questions like, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” and “Tell me why I should hire you?” I no longer agree with asking these questions and can see why they won’t help narrow down the best applicant among many.

Besides learning about more effective ways to hire someone, I have learned of better ways to answer questions as a job seeker. Liz also discusses how to handle general problems that can pop up at work like conflict resolution, salary negotiation, and how to stand out and get noticed.

Her advice to corporate leaders gives me hope to be a part of a genial workplace someday or to at least create an ideal workplace for myself. I now feel a sense of freedom when I hear words like “entrepreneurship” and “consultant”. These words no longer represent pipe dreams or job uncertainty.

A job search used to feel like trying to get a date. I wanted to make myself as attractive to the company as possible, hoping that they would see my value. I would learn all about them and tell them what a hard little worker bee I was.

“I have a can-do attitude!”

“I will work overtime.”

“I’m productive.”

“I’m efficient.”

I’m so over it! I shall no longer grovel for jobs! We are real people with feelings, needs, and aspirations. It sucks when our job or job search doesn’t acknowledge that.

Don’t give up if you are trying to find a better situation for yourself. Sheep and robots will have a hard time experiencing fulfillment at work, but us humans still have a fair shot. As Liz often says, “If they don’t get you, they don’t deserve you.”

Check out some of Liz’s advice on job seeking at her podcast.

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