It’s Gonna Happen!

Photo by Ray Hennessy.

There will be a couple of obstacles that you’ll need to face while trying to pursue your passion. Hopefully, the law won’t be one of your obstacles, assuming that your passions are legal and won’t harm anyone.

Now, with that settled, let’s get down to business.

As someone who is still working toward goals, I can’t give you expert advice. But, here are a few tips that I thought of just for you.

  • You may find that your current interests are mere stepping-stones towards your true destiny. Here’s an example: I researched a career that interested me, only to discover that it didn’t contain what I was looking for at all. It seemed related because I had not learned enough yet. The new knowledge was definitely helpful, but there wasn’t any gold at the end of that rainbow.
  • Arm yourself with goals while on your quest, so that you are not dissuaded by the naysayers. If you map out goals and at least a general date for when you should reach them, you won’t become disheartened easily when someone pesters you about your graduation date, your next concert, or whatever marker that measures success.
  • Enjoy yourself! Yes, you are still working towards what you want. No, that doesn’t mean that you must be dissatisfied now. I know dissatisfaction well, and I don’t want to introduce it to any of my friends. It’s contagious, so don’t make the people around you work hard to fend it off! Be the first line of defense. The temptation to feel down will show up, but don’t give in! Dissatisfaction is like a body-less naysayer, and you already know what to do about them.

I hope these words encouraged you. Keep at it! Positive change is a worthwhile process. It doesn’t always take as long as you think it will.

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